Hearing loss in the workplace

Workplace hearing loss becoming a serious issue

Noise induced hearing loss in the workplace is becoming a serious issue and employers and employees need to take responsibility when it comes to their hearing health. There are a number of professions which are particularly dangerous when it comes to hearing loss including sectors such as construction, hospitality (bars & nightclubs) and agriculture. A survey by Hidden Hearing at this year’s Ploughing Championships revealed that 47% of those who are operating loud machinery or farm vehicles do not wearing hearing protection, 42% said they use it occasionally and 11% said they use it regularly. This attitude must change if we are to stem the tide of noise induced hearing loss.

63% of respondents said they had never had a hearing test before and 96% of those surveyed said that having hearing loss would be dangerous when working on a farm. Tractors, silage blowers, chain-saws, grain dryers, squealing pigs and guns are some of the most typical sources of noise on the farm and lengthy exposure to these high sound levels can result in noise induced hearing loss for farmers of all ages.

Dolores Madden, Marketing Manager with Hidden Hearing has been a long-term advocate of hearing protection and awareness in the workplace and is one of Ireland’s most outspoken campaigners on the issue: “Our research has shown that workers in certain professions really need to take better care of their hearing. For instance, a farm is a particularly dangerous place to work with hearing loss, and it’s amazing that despite people’s concern for their hearing, they will put up with poor hearing for many years before seeking the help they need.  Farm noise exposure including discharging firearms tractor noise, power tools and even the prolonged exposure to animal sounds can lead to noise induced hearing loss. People need to adequately protect their hearing whenever they are working with loud machinery, whether on a farm, factory or building site.”

Farm noise levels and exposure levels:

Ignoring hear loss can not only be detrimental for your hearing health but can seriously reduce your quality of life. In any circumstances, it is never advisable to ignore a medical condition, you should always seek appropriate advice and deal with any medical problems promptly.

When it comes to Hearing Loss the earlier someone is diagnosed and treated for hearing loss, the better, for all concerned. Hidden Hearing offer FREE hearing evaluations and it is fast and simple to do.

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