Hidden Hearing Celebrates 10 Years of Hearing Healthcare in Coleraine

Hidden Hearing, Northern Ireland’s premier hearing healthcare provider celebrated its 10th birthday in Coleraine this January.  Since it opened the branch at 51 New Row, Coleraine it has been offering customers the best professional hearing care, help and advice. 

To mark the occasion and to promote better hearing health, Hidden Hearing is offering free one-to-one hearing assessments.  The modern test facilities at are staffed with highly qualified audiologists and offer the latest digital technology to diagnose and treat hearing problems in a supportive environment.Image

Andrew McPherson, Audiologist, at the Coleraine Hidden Hearing branch said: ‘We’re delighted to be celebrating 10 successful years at the branch and have remained committed to improving hearing healthcare in Coleraine since we opened our doors.  To mark this milestone we’re providing free hearing consultations for anybody who is in need of assistance.  We take pride in offering world-class hearing healthcare services and life-long support for our patients and encourage anyone who is experiencing problems with their hearing to take action as soon as they notice a problem.  Over the years, technological advancements have seen hearing aids get significantly smaller so while people tend to notice hearing loss they don’t notice hearing aids.’ 

Hidden Hearing is the only hearing healthcare provider in Northern Ireland to offer customers free no obligation hearing screenings, free wax removal, a 90 day money back guarantee, a five year warranty and free batteries and service for life.

Visit the Hidden Hearing branch at 51 New Row, Coleraine, BT52 1EJ or call 028 – 7032 0301 to make an appointment for a free one-to-one hearing consultation with a qualified audiologist.

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