7 Steps to Better Hearing

Patient quality of care is of fundamental importance to Hidden Hearing. Our Audiologists carry out a comprehensive hearing assessment completing the following important seven steps when prescribing any of our invisible hearing aids.

  • Step 1, our Audiologists carry out a full case history which includes a brief medical history.
  • Step 2, an Otoscopy is performed to BSA standards and reveals the condition of the outer ear canal and the tympanic membrane. Tuning fork tests can give an indication whether the loss is conductive, sensorineural, or unilateral.
  • Step 3 is Sound Field Testing. This test gives us statistical information on the ability to hear words reproduced both in quiet and in noisy environments.
  • Step 4 is a full audiometric test to BSA procedures. This test includes air conduction and bone conduction testing  during this test hearing thresholds are recorded.
  • Step 5 allows the patient to experience hearing amplification with instruments which are prescription programmed to match the hearing loss.
  • Step 6 requires the patient to return for their hearing aid fitting. This consultation includes guiding and training the patient on how to use and care for their hearing aids and what to expect from them.
  • Step 7 is the follow up and checking of the rehabilitation process. This follow up visit will also see a repeat of the sound field testing using hearing amplification. In almost all cases this second test reveals improved scoring on word recognition.

Alternatively you can simply download our free booklet ‘7 Steps to Better Hearing’ by clicking here.