‘Most Beautiful Act Of Kindness’: Harry Styles Leaves Deaf Fan In Tears During One Direction Concert

The heartthrob made the youngster centre of attention

Harry Styles may be one of the world’s biggest heartthrobs but he also has a heart of gold judging by an eyewitness account which claims that the ‘Best Song Ever’ star focused all his attention on a deaf fan during a One Direction concert recently, leaving her in tears.

The 19-year-old and the rest of his band mates performed at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Illinois over the weekend on their ‘Take Me Home’ tour and while he had thousands of fans to entertain, Harry was more bothered with making one supporter in particular feel like the most special person in the audience.

A student named Tera witnessed Harry’s sweet gesture and documented the evening in a blog, describing it as the “most beautiful act of kindness.”

 “Across the aisle from my mom and me there was this deaf girl and her friend, and they were dancing to the music and “singing” along by signing out all the lyrics. And during one of the songs  after a  solo, Harry bows down in front of the girl and signs/mouths ‘thank you.’”

Tera continued: “As the show went on, Harry would keep looking over at her and copying her sign language as best as he could,” before adding that the young fan “just cried and cried.”

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