Don’t let hearing loss create a wall around you

Don't let hearing loss isolate you

Don’t let hearing loss isolate you

Hearing loss, if left untreated, can create a wall between you and the ones you care about. It may cause you to gradually avoid the people and places that once brought you joy. Use of hearing instruments can bring you back in touch with the important things in life. Spokesperson for Hidden Hearing Dolores Madden said “Hearing devices have come a long way. They are nothing like your grandparents’ hearing aids. Hearing instruments are essentially miniature computers that are programmed to meet your individual needs.” Madden offers good advice and the truth is  advanced hearing aid technology now has given a greater emphasis to speech, and provides improved comfort and understanding in difficult listening situations. In fact, some of the high-end digital aids have the ability to communicate with each other so instruments are working together as a hearing system rather than two individual hearing aids. They automatically adapt to the changes in your environment, making manual adjustments a thing of the past. Advances have been made to cosmetics as well; most people will not even know you have a hearing aid in your ear unless you tell them.

If you’re worried about  hearing contact your local Hidden Hearing branch.  Hidden Hearing offers free hearing tests at its 60 branches nationwide. To book a test Freephone 1800 370 000 or visit

We have a handy information booklet on how we hear if you are interested apply below and we will send you a FREE copy.howdowehear2

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