Whitesnake singer talks about his hearing loss


Following a recent series of shows in Japan, Whitesnake return to live action this week as they kick off their 2013 UK tour in Belfast.

Making the rounds to promote the trek, singer David Coverdale spoke with the BBC Breakfast team about several things, including his level of hearing loss after more than four decades in rock.

“They’re not bad,” he explains, “they could be a lot worse but I look upon it as a trade-off. I’ve had an incredibly successful journey since joining Deep Purple 40 years ago.”

“There is hearing loss, of course, but we use an in-ear monitor where I can balance the level of the sound,” Coverdale continued. “It’s got to be all-embracing to me, and I work with great musicians, too; they’re not loud to disguise anything..it’s just very powerful stuff.”

In addition to an extensive world tour, Whitesnake will release two live albums this year.

Last month, the band issued “Made In Japan,” a Deluxe 2CD/DVD edition that captures the band in concert at the Loud Park festival on October 15th, 2011 at Saitama Super Arena in Japan during their Forevermore World Tour.

On June 19, Whitesnake will deliver the 2CD set, “Made In Britain/The World Record.” The project includes “Made In Britain,” featuring the best takes of the band’s concerts in Britain in June 2011, and “The World Record,” which contains rare tracks from Whitesnake’s shows in Europe and America on the “Forevermore” tour.

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