Hidden Hearing – ‘Investing in excellence’ with a new training centre in Citywest, Dublin

130218_N1_037-(2)At Hidden Hearing we are committed to providing you with the best hearing healthcare possible, which includes recruiting, training and providing continuing education for our team of audiologists and hearing aid dispensers, whose job it is to assess and advise the best options for your hearing health.

With this objective in mind, we have designed a state-of-the-art training centre at our headquarters in Citywest, which is the leading training centre for audiology in Ireland, featuring the latest equipment and technology.

We are recognised as a leader in education and advanced training and we have a policy of staff undertaking continuous training courses, involving the very latest in audiological data and research.  Our professional and experienced training team provides theoretical and practical knowledge not only on issues relating to the ear and hearing loss, but testing and fitting techniques, the latest technological improvements, methodologies for improving hearing aid performance as well as broader knowledge such as interpersonal communication and customer service.

A special emphasis is placed on continued professional development to ensure that Hidden Hearing audiologists and dispensers are kept abreast of new technologies and advancements in hearing healthcare. We fly in specialists from around the world to deliver lectures and discussion forums on all aspects of hearing health.

Through our new high-tech facilities, we can ensure that our team has the expertise, training and experience needed to provide not only the most technically accurate evaluations, care recommendations and hearing aid fittings, but the most satisfying patient-care experience too. So you can be sure that when you have a consultation with a member of the Hidden Hearing team, you’re speaking to a hearing healthcare expert with the highest standard of training.

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