Maureen Nolan reveals how her sister’s health fight inspired her to sort out her hearing problems

The Nolan sisters are no strangers to tragedy and trauma. Between them they have endured difficult childhoods, infidelity, domestic violence and divorce.

And now they are facing their biggest ordeal of all as Bernie bravely confronts the final stages of breast cancer.

The+Nolan+SistersIt’s a situation that has focused the minds of all the girls – and left one of them, Maureen, determined to tackle a health problem that has been blighting her life: deafness

‘Seeing Bernie so poorly has made me more aware than ever that we should do what we can to look after ourselves and make sure we live life to the full,’ she explains.

‘I feel so blessed that hearing is my only health problem, which is entirely in my control to fix and can be easily resolved.’

Maureen, 58, says her problems date back to the early days of the sisters’ singing career. ‘I have just 50 per cent hearing in my right ear,’ she reveals. ‘I remember doing a 1960s rock ’n’ roll tour and being deaf every night when I came off stage, with a hissing in my ear.

‘I have been subjected to such massive noise through work – you’ve no idea how loud it could be on stage, even performing in the working men’s clubs when we were kids.’ You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Maureen has two new hearing aids that she says have transformed her life.

 With her beauty, youthful looks and glamorous make-up and hair, Maureen certainly crushes the stereotype of a hearing-aid wearer as elderly and debilitated.

‘I know there’s a stigma about wearing hearing aids but I don’t understand why,’ she says. ‘I don’t mind mine at all – with these new models, you can’t see them at all anyway.’


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