How to clean your hearing aid

Oticon-hearing-aids2A hearing aid consists of several parts, most of which should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure they perform at their optimum levels. With a minimal amount of daily care, they should provide you with quality services for years to come. 

Your Hidden Hearing audiologist will give you detailed instructions on how to care specifically for the make and model you’ve purchased, but there are a few general care tips to keep in mind.

  • Before cleaning a hearing aid, a towel should be put down to create a soft surface to clean over, this ensures that if you drop anything the impact will be small.
  • When handling your hearing aid, be sure your hands are clean.
  • For a Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid, the mould should be removed from the hearing aid and placed in lukewarm soapy water to clean, before being dried thoroughly afterwards – ensuring it is clear of water.
  • For In-the-Ear (ITE) models, they should only be cleaned with a gentle wiping of soft tissue and careful brushing with the supplied brush. Wax build up can be removed from the hearing system using a cleaning loop and wax spray remover. For an ITE hearing aid, water and solvent should never be used to clean the device.
  • For both ITE and BTE models, it is important to never use pins or needles to remove wax from the device.
  • Keep your ears clean and free from earwax. This yellow substance can clog the microphone and receiver, blocking the sound to your ear.  Hidden Hearing offers a free ear wax removal service for over 60s so talk to your local branch about making an appointment.
  • Apply any hair products – such as sprays or gels — and face creams before you put your hearing aids in for the day. If you wash your face with a cleanser at night, take your hearing aids out before you do. These materials can clog the microphone and may also be damaging to the plastic material.
  • When your hearing aids are not in use, store in a safe place that’s dry and cool.  Always carry the hearing aids in their case to protect them from damage and dirt. 

At Hidden Hearing, we pride ourselves on providing a level of service which is second to none.  If you have any queries on how to clean your hearing aids talk to a Hidden Hearing audiologist.  Hidden Hearing has 65 branches and clinics nationwide.  Freephone 1800 370 000 or check out

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