Hearing aid competition winner looks forward to daughter’s wedding

Aileen with  Keith Ross Hearing Aid Dispenser

Aileen with Keith Ross Hearing Aid Dispenser

The best gift that Hidden Hearing can provide to our customers is that following their hearing aids, that they once again enjoy a full and rewarding life. Aileen Kennedy, from Dun Laoghaire in Dublin recently won a competition that Hidden Hearing ran to win a set of free hearing aids.

The competition was run to celebrate Hearing Awareness Week and called on people experiencing hearing loss around the country to submit a short entry themed “How hearing aids will enhance my life”.

A fan of rock ‘n’ roll music, Aileen suffered from tinnitus and hearing loss as a result of listening to loud music over the years.  We checked in with her recently to see how she is getting on with her new hearing aids and how it has affected her life.

Aileen told us:

The difference in my confidence in work situations and out socially is amazing!! I went back to Hidden Hearing at two weeks for a check-up and again for a one month check-up. Frank re-did the word recognition test and I was stunned with the results! I got 40% right at the original test (and this included using a friend who I would recognise!) and I got 90% last Wednesday. Now that’s some difference in just one month!  And the good news is that my hearing will keep improving over the next few months.

My daughter’s wedding is in three weeks and I am now looking forward to it without any hang-ups over hearing problems!!

Thank you all so much for this wonderful “gift”!!

We’d like to wish Aileen all the very best with her daughter’s wedding and with the improvements to her hearing.

It’s always inspiring for our team to hear the impact that treatment can have on a patient’s life. And it’s amazing that some people are still putting off addressing their hearing loss. Aileen Kennedy will tell you that life is so much better when you can hear what’s happening around you.

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