What to Ask your Hidden Hearing Audiologist before Buying a Hearing Aid

Hidden Hearing Ireland largest hearing Company offer FREE screening and tests

Hidden Hearing Ireland largest hearing Company offer FREE screening and tests

Before receiving a hearing test, you may want to think about a few questions and comments to bring up during your visit that will help you ease into the lifestyle changes that may accompany a hearing device, including how you can alleviate the hurdles hearing loss may prompt in your daily routine. For some, writing a few things down may be the best option so nothing is forgotten while in the doctor’s office. And remember, don’t be shy while at the audiologist; they welcome and expect many questions.What to do before going into the Hidden Hearing Clinic
Go into your appointment with a little bit of background knowledge about your issue. Go to the library or look at reputable sources online to determine what your problem may mean. Then, write down any questions that come to mind while you’re looking up information. If you are taking any medications, make sure to write down the name of each prescription before going to the doctor. It may be helpful to write down anything you may be allergic to as well to ensure a hearing aid won’t cause an allergic reaction.

Lifestyle changes
Watching television, listening to music or even working may change after you’ve gotten a hearing aid. When you’re speaking with your hearing health professional, consider telling them a little bit about your daily lifestyle so they are aware of the most dramatic changes that you may experience.

After purchasing, you’ll want to investigate hearing aid accessories, including ones to maintain the cleanliness of the device. Make sure to go over the uses of each tool with your clinician so you don’t accidentally damage the hearing aid, and you are able to maintain a properly working functioning aid for as long as possible. This is a great time to take notes during your visit.

Hearing aid settings
There are many different technological advances and special settings available on your hearing aid that you should ask your doctor about. Anti-shock settings that react appropriately to sudden loud noises are a great option for many individuals, especially those around young children or individuals who live in an urban setting. Data logging or memory settings may also be helpful because they log how you use hearing aids in different environments that you’re regularly exposed to. Other settings may include a remote control, power-on delay, telecoil, noise reduction, wind noise management, digital, Bluetooth and feedback cancelation.

Bring along a friend
Going to a hearing health professional with a friend or family member may help ease any office jitters or communication issues between you and your physician, and your friend may also have questions that you have not considered. Bringing someone along to the audiologist is also helpful because they can have a pen and paper on hand to take down notes while you are speaking. Remember Hidden Hearing have the following unique benefits

  • Free Hearing ScreeningsHidden Hearing offers Free No Obligation Hearing Screenings.

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
    90 Day Money BackHidden Hearing now offer a no quibble 90 day money back guarantee to ensure client satisfaction.

  • 5 Year Warranty
    5 Year WarrantyExtending the ‘usual’ 2 year warranty to a unique 5 year period for all aids removes any worry about repair costs.

  • Free Batteries for Life
    Free Batteries for LifeHidden Hearing have also removed the cost of batteries with their batteries for life benefit. The Battery Membership Scheme is available for other users and older hearing aids.

  • alt
    Complimentary AftercareHidden Hearing is committed to delivering quality service and this includes free professional six monthly service check ups for every client.

  • alt
    Digital Hearing AidsWe have the widest range of digital hearing aids from entry level to sophisticated devices.

Anybody who might be concerned about their hearing, can avail of a free hearing test at any Hidden Hearing branch nationwide. You can book a hearing test free of charge at any of Hidden Hearing’s 60 clinics nationwide. Freephone 1800 370 000 or visit www.hiddenhearing.ie.

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