Keep an ear out for Hearing Awareness Week


Next week is our annual Hearing Awareness Week campaign, which is Ireland’s only health awareness initiative about hearing loss. This is the seventh year of the campaign and we are working with the Irish Deaf Society and Age Action to increase awareness of the issues facing those with hearing loss and those who are Deaf.
Our mobile clinic and giant ear which will hit various locations throughout Ireland through the week. Check for further details of the week. We’ll have a number of new booklets on hearing loss launching during the week as well as an exciting App – more details revealed next week!
The Hearing Awareness Week campaign will feature:
• Mobile clinic providing hearing screenings
• Deaf awareness training in schools by the Irish Deaf Society
• Free hearing tests in all Hidden Hearing branches nationwide
• Events run by Age Action in Dublin and Cork
• Launch the Hearing Awareness Week website

We’re delighted to be working with two fantastic organisations, the Irish Deaf Society and Age Action and we would like to thank them for participating in the campaign. Roll on next week!

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