Hearing Awareness Week 2013

HAWHearing Awareness Week March 11th to 15th is run by Hidden Hearing with the support of the Irish Deaf Society. For Hidden Hearing it is about about breaking down the barriers which stop people facing up to and addressing their hearing loss. The IDS will focus on breaking down the barriers breaking down the barriers which misperceptions of the Deaf community result in – which prevent some Deaf people from accessing the workplace or which prevent ISL being recognised as an official language. This year’s campaign will be event-driven, focusing on initiatives which will change attitudes and behaviour around hear loss and Deaf issues.

Events for Hearing Awareness Week:


  • ·         Launch of HAW – Dickie Rock concert in Red Cow Moran Hotel                    – Monday 11thMarch
  • ·         New hearing healthcare facility opening in Ennis – Dr Nina from RTE’s Health of the Nation       – Tuesday 12th March;
  • ·         Age Action Tea Party musical event in Cork                                                          – Wednesday 13th March;
  • ·         Launch of a new Volume Meter App                          – Thursday 14th March
  • ·         Irish Deaf Society awareness training for schools  – Friday 15th March


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