‘Pupdate’ on Hero the Hidden Hearing Sponsored Guide Dog.

Hero - The Dog

Hero – The Dog

Hero the training dog sponsored by Hidden Hearing is now well settled in with Puppy Walker Joe.  She will stay with her Puppy Walking family for approximately twelve months until the time comes for her to start her Early Training.  At twelve weeks old Hero got her vaccinations, which means that since then she has been free to be out and about. There is so much for her to get use to. She is now travelling in the car daily. She is also learning to travel on buses and trains. Being out and about socialising with people and other animals is so important for her. She must learn to remain calm and relaxed in noisy and busy situations. She has to get use to simple commands like ‘sit’ ‘stay’ ‘down’. Her Puppy Walker makes sure Hero gets short but regular exercise every day. Hero has also started to attend Puppy Walking Classes at the National Headquarters and Training Centre. During these classes the Training Team and Puppy Walking Supervisors guide and support Puppy Walkers on how to handle and train pups correctly. Hero is a very busy and clever girl. Stay tuned to hear more on her progress in the coming weeks.

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