Deaf Village Ireland

396074_400489730011349_679175582_nHidden Hearing was recently invited by the Irish Deaf Society to take a tour of Deaf Village Ireland in Cabra which is a truly outstanding facility on a beautiful landscaped site with the most modern of facilities.

The intention for Deaf Village Ireland is that all the Deaf organisations will work together, literally side by side, to support, promote and develop the Deaf community and adopt a unified approach to ensure that Deaf people have appropriate access to state services and are individually enabled to reach their potential. Deaf people communicate via a combination of sign language, lip reading and the written word which puts the standard educational, sports, employment, training, support and information services as well as communication and socialisation opportunities out of reach for many Deaf people.

The objective of the Deaf Village Ireland Project is to create an environment where Deaf and hard of hearing people can develop, relax, play, learn, worship and be together in a centre which will support the interaction of Deaf people as a community, in an integrated way with each other the wider Irish society. We were taken on a guided tour around the Village, and the design of the buildings is exceptional, a mixture of the old stonework and the new, modern facilities. There is a fully fitted gym and full size swimming pool with pool aerobics and all sorts of activities and the site features much recreational space (30 acres) with outdoor soccer pitches.

The Deaf Village also delivers lifelong learning facilities and citizens information services for the Deaf community throughout Ireland. The team out there is currently working on a Deaf heritage centre with items on show such as hearing aids from years ago.

This was a much-needed facility for the Deaf community and Hidden Hearing was really impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the development. We would like to thank the Irish Deaf Society for inviting us out and we wish long-lasting success to all of the organisations who are based in Deaf Village Ireland.

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