Surprise someone – with Hidden Hearing, Vodafone and the Tom Dunne Show

TOMDunneIt was a great surprise for Lainya Randall when a messege was left by her stepfather Pat, on the Vodafone “Surprise Someone” answering machine, part of the Tom Dunne Show. Recently tested for a hearing loss at the Athlone branch of Hidden Hearing Lainya was gifted a set of hearing aids through this great prize. Listen to the interview with proposer Pat who was almost in tears when Tom told him that his request was accepted and the digital hearing aids were going to be fitted to Lainya by the Hidden Hearing team in Athlone. Jim Fulham is the audiologist who performed the assessment and Julie Klompas will be helping with the fitting. Tom explained how Lainya could hear for the first time birds singing and the sound of her mothers voice. Listen back by clicking the radio below.

dia-radio3VF Tdunne Audio winner Vm Dec 6th

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