Christmas, New Year and Hearing Loss

This kind of environment can be intensely frustrating

The Christmas season is at hand and this time of the year is hard enough without  hearing loss. When you’re unable to hear as clearly as everyone else in the family, this time can often bring great frustration, misunderstandings and tension. At Hidden Hearing we urge you to take action now before Christmas arrives. Dolores Madden from Hidden Hearing “This is a great time to come in and have your hearing checked by our professionals. Don’t wait until you’ve had a bad experience during the Christmas, we can help you avoid that pitfall and have a much better Christmas and New Year  with your family and loved ones.”

“Many people will find themselves in what we call complex background noise environments ,” Madden says. “Families are coming together. The Christmas movie is blaring over the big screen television. Grandchildren are everywhere, music is playing and the kitchen is full of people. With multiple conversations going on at once,

for anyone with hearing loss for several reasons,” Madden says. “It isn’t immediately obvious to others when someone is suffering from hearing loss – it’s not like being shortsighted or otherwise impaired. Sometimes people fail to recognize or relate to hearing loss. As a result, individuals with hearing loss are often misinterpreted. They might not hear greetings. They may miss important information in a conversation. They may come across as rude and even ignorant. These are situations they could easily avoid if they addressed their hearing loss.”

If you have any questions about hearing loss or hearing aids contact Hidden Hearing. Working with one of our friendly and professional Hearing Aid Dispensers at Hidden Hearing will ensure that you choose the hearing aid that is best for you and your specific hearing loss. To book a free, no-obligation hearing test, call us today on Free Phone 1800 370 000.

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