Mobile Phones and Hearing Aids

People wearing traditional hearing aids have found it troublesome to hear conversations on mobile phones, so much so that some people actually avoid answering calls and resort to conversing by text messages instead.

The problem lies with the electrical interference caused between mobile phone systems and hearing aids. The interference can vary greatly, but is often worse with some makes of mobiles phones combined with certain models of hearing aids.  This interference may lead to some hearing aid users to miss urgent or emergency calls from family or friends, and even result in users switching off their phones completely.

Most of the leading hearing aid manufacturers have developed models with Bluetooth technology, and use wireless binaural communication between the right and left hearing aid to give you stereophonic sound that feels far more natural than previous models could achieve.

If you are considering your first hearing aid, you will do well by choosing one with Bluetooth ability. Even those who are changing from an older style hearing aid can benefit from swapping to a Bluetooth enabled device, as you will be able to connect easily and wirelessly with many devices, which is better than having to continue fiddling about attaching wires to devices.

Working with one of our friendly and professional Hearing Aid Dispensers at Hidden Hearing will ensure that you choose the hearing aid that is best for you and your specific hearing loss. To book a free, no-obligation hearing test, call us today on Free Phone 1800 370 000.

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