‘Gary, Are You Deaf?’ X Factor’s Louis Walsh And Gary Barlow Continue War Of Words

After a tough and speculation ridden week for X Factor judges Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh, the men decided to forgive and forget as they shook hands at the start of Saturday night’s show.

However, their decision to move on didn’t last long as the judges found themselves in a war of words again as they gave their critique on the remaining hopefuls.

Whilst Nicole Sherzinger kicked off the feedback for Chris Maloney’s performance, on a positive note, it was Louis who didn’t seem too impressed. Despite commending the finalist on his vocals for his rendition of ‘Hearts Alone’, he hit out at Gary for choosing a “lazy song” and the need to make him more current.

Responding to Louis’ comments, Gary told Christopher: “There’s no need to make you current. You’re perfect as you are.”

As the night went on and District 3 performed, it was Gary who criticised the lads on their performance. Unhappy with how the lads did. Gary told them: “I thought you’ve had a really bad night. I thought the harmonies were off. When you watch it back, you’re going to be disappointed.”

Despite the boys taking on board Gary’s comments without any issues, it was Louis who wasn’t best pleased, questioning the Take That frontman:

“Gary are you deaf? You must be deaf!”, before defending District 3’s performance telling them: “That was a faultless performance. Gary, I think you’re going deaf. I really do. This is a world class band.”

However, that wasn’t the end of their war of words as Gary warned MK1 not to let Louis have “too much input” into their song choice, whilst Louis told Kye that he still found “something missing” in his performance.

Believing Louis’ comments to Kye were invalid, Gary asked Louis: “What’s missing? You can’t just say there’s something missing. Explain it.”

Responding, Louis said: “I got bored. That’s what missing. It’s called the X Factor.”

Still unhappy with Louis’ feedback to Kye, Gary hit back:

“That’s a non comment. Anyone in the audience could have got up and said that.”

Oh dear!


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