New Puppy Love!

This little guy is a puppy in training for the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and we are lucky enough to be his sponsor but we need you to help us name him.

Does the memory of someone inspire you to serve others?  We’d love to hear your story!  We’re asking for inspirations to help us name our new puppy.  Hidden Hearing is honored to sponsor an Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy who will be trained in service as a guide dog or assistance dog for persons with disabilities such as Usher Syndrome, a rare condition which affects hearing and causes progressive loss of sight from the teenage years onwards.

We will choose his top six names and post them on our facebook page for everyone to vote.  This young lad will be in training to become a Guide Dog for a blind or vision impaired individual offering them both confidence and independence in their daily lives, so his name should be in honor of someone whose life was lived in service to others.

Share your story of inspiration and you could help us name our newest golden retriever puppy.  Tell us about your memories of someone that inspires you to serve others.

If you would like to help name our new puppy here’s how to submit your nomination:

You can post your suggestion on our facebook page or you can email your nomination to

Email your name suggestion and tell us in whose memory you’re making your nomination.  Tell us about the person and why you would like to honor his/her memory (public/community service, mentoring, etc).

All nominations must be received by 5 PM, Friday 19th of October


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