What exactly are the main types of hearing loss?

A comprehensive hearing test must be done in order to determine the type and severity of hearing loss and to make the best recommendations for each person.

The different types of hearing loss are based on which parts of the ear are affected.

Conductive Hearing Loss

This is when there is reduced sound transmission in the outer or middle ear. You experience this by being less able to make out softer sounds, though you may hear your own voice at a louder intensity. Generally, the cause of conductive hearing loss can be identified and resolved, restoring complete or partial improvement in hearing. The most common causes of conductive hearing loss can include excess ear wax, a damaged ear drum, a middle ear infection, fluid in the middle ear and sclerotic middle ear bones. In some cases surgery may be required and a hearing aid may improve the volume of the sounds around you.

Sensori-neural Hearing Loss

This is when the inner ear is affected, which includes the nerve component of the hearing system that connects to the brain. Besides being less able to hear softer sounds, you may also complain that people seem to mumble or that you hear but do not understand what is being said. Common causes of sensori-neural hearing loss include excessive noise exposure, aging, diabetes, stroke, head trauma and viral infections. Most cases are irreversible, though hearing aids are often effective in improving the sound level and the clarity of the speech that you hear.

Mixed Form Hearing Loss

This is a combination of both conductive and sensori-neural hearing loss.

No matter which type of hearing loss you experience, it is important to get tested to receive the best advice of how to restore or improve your hearing.

For more information or to schedule a Free hearing assessment, contact Hidden Hearing.

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