A right royal din!

King of Sweden almost deafens spectator as he roars his support for Olympic handball team


When cheering on your country at the Olympics, it’s important to be in full voice.

But King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden almost took things too far when he appeared to almost deafen a woman spectator while they watched a handball match.

King Carl and wife Queen Silvia, like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before them, were pictured in dress-down mode as they made an animated appearance at the Basketball Arena.


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Hearing alert over Olympic noise


Here’s a warning to Olympic athletes and spectators that they’re at risk of permanently damaging their hearing from the noise in the stadiums.

Olympic officials have admitted that noise levels in the stadia have regularly been over 100 decibels, with the boxing arena hitting 113.7db during a fight involving Irish boxer Katie Taylor.

Exposure to loud noise above 85 decibels over time can cause permanent hearing damage and with the closing ceremony fast approaching, the decibel level is sure to be much higher. The charity is urging Games revellers to pack earplugs, which can protect your hearing by keeping loud noises out without shutting out other ambient noises.

Action on Hearing Loss Audiologist Gemma Twitchen said: “With crowds going wild for Team GB, noise has been recorded at levels in excess of 100db, which is much louder than a jet engine taking off, in fact, it’s 10,000,000,000 times louder than the smallest sound your ears can hear!

“A night in a noisy crowd could cause temporary tinnitus – ringing, whistling, humming or buzzing in your head or ears – or permanent hearing damage. This is not something you’d want to take home as an everlasting memory from the Games.

“You wouldn’t think twice about standing close to a jet engine without hearing protection, so we’re urging people going to the closing ceremony or any of the events in the Olympics and Paralympics to take the very simple step of using earplugs.”

Published on Friday 10 August 2012, Chris White

Family ecstatic as deaf twin Calum Geary hears for first time in US clinic


IRELAND’S ‘bionic boy’, Calum Geary (3), has heard sounds for the first time in his life thanks to a revolutionary computer chip implanted into his brain.

Calum – who was born without the nerves connecting his ears to the hearing part of his brain – had the ‘bionic’ hearing device implanted at Manchester University Hospital (MUH) last February.

The system was fully tested in May – but, over the past fortnight, for the first time little Calum has shown definite signs of hearing at a top US speech therapy clinic.

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IOC: Noise level at Katie Taylor fight was highest recorded at London 2012 so far


The decibel level during Katie Taylor’s fight with Natasha Jonas this afternoon hit 113.7 – the highest recorded at London 2012 so far.

An International Olympic Committee official said the noise surpassed the sound recorded during GB’s win in the cycling finals at the Velodrome last week.

The noise of a jet engine is around 140 decibels.

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“But I want a puppy NOW!” Suri Cruise demands for a pooch fall on mum Katie’s deaf ears

SURI Cruise’s best attempt at doing puppy dog eyes failed to convince mother Katie into buying her daughter a new pup.

The mother and daughter pair were out in New York yesterday when they called into a high end pet store looking into the possibility of getting a new puppy.

The sales assistant showed his celebrity customers a French bulldog and a Morkie, however Suri fell in love with the little white and black Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese mix pup.

Despite the six year olds best tactics into forcing her mother into an impulse buy, Katie wouldn’t be swayed and Suri left the store in tears.

The pair had been enjoying the day together up until they visited the pet store – they were seen visiting the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

It was recently claimed Katie has signed Suri up at the Catholic Convent Of The Sacred Heart in New York, as she doesn’t want her daughter involved in father Tom’s Scientology religion.

RadarOnline recently claimed Suri has been keeping in touch her father via Skype: “It’s all part of the divorce settlement that Tom be allowed to video chat with Suri. Likewise, when Suri is with Tom, Katie can video chat with her,” a source told the website.

– Independent.ie reporters:

Young Cork boy with ‘bionic ear’ completes summer course at US clinic

ImageA YOUNG CORK BOY who is just one of 145 children around the world to have had a ‘bionic ear’ implanted has just completed an educational course for children with hearing difficulties at a specialist US clinic.

Calum, who was born deaf, was fitted with a groundbreaking auditory brainstem implant device (ABI), or ‘bionic ear’, in February. When the device was switched on in May, the young boy was able to hear the voices of his parents and brothers for the first time.

The non-profit clinic specialises in providing educational and parent-centred services to children under five to help them overcome their hearing loss.

Calum attended classes with his peers and a Situational Language Teaching teacher who specialised in working with children with hearing difficulties, while his three brothers attended the sibling programme. His parents Andrew and Helen also attended sessions at the clinic.

“The course was exhilarating and exhausting, at times very technical, however at all times effective,” his father Andrew Geary said. “There were six hours of class each day, there were also activities organised at the weekend to meet with members of the local deaf community at a picnic.”

Geary says that the family had sought to attend the course since hearing about it in October 2011, but that it “went beyond all expectations” and the whole family feels “empowered” by the experience:

We have come as a whole family, from a status of a pre-lingual child with no definite signs of hearing to a much more confident child with the very first signs of hearing. Our whole family now have the tools to continue his development. The information will also greatly aid the family in dealing with all the experts we encounter.

He said that the clinic featured a number of guest speakers including college graduates who had attended the clinic as small children.

The Geary family is thanking all of the people who have supported Calum and who provided the donations which made it possible for him to attend the clinic.

“We feel the greatest message that came from the John Tracy Clinic was the power of the child’s family to influence the success of their child. We feel empowered by the whole experience,” Andrew Geary said.

The Gearys say they “strongly urge” any parent with a severely or profoundly deaf pre-school child to consider the clinic’s long-distance courses or to avail of the summer sessions they attended in July.

The family is also urging Irish universities and speech and language graduates to consider the student programmes being offered at the John Tracy Clinic.

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How can you tell if you’re losing your hearing?

We spoke to Dolores Madden Marketing Manager for Hidden Hearing on what are the the signs of hearing loss that are easily recognised. If you’re not sure whether you need a hearing test, consider some of these signs that you might have noticed:

* Do you have difficulty following conversations in large groups? Small ones? Even one-on-one?

* Do you find yourself saying, “What?” or “Pardon?” several times before just nodding and smiling to avoid embarrassment?

* Do people around you seem to mumble more than they used to?

* Do you notice particular trouble hearing in noisy situations like crowds, restaurants, or malls?

* Are you surprised when people say there is background music in stores and restaurants?

* Do you have trouble hearing high-pitched voices, such as those of children and women, or low-pitched voices?

* Do you need to turn your TV or radio up to a volume that other people complain about in order to understand?

* Have you found that you can’t hear crickets, birds, alarms, or other high-pitched noises that others around you can?

* Are you sleeping through your alarm clock or emergency alarms because you just don’t hear them?

Dolores explains that “These are just a few recognizable signs of a potential hearing loss. It may only be a mild hearing loss, but seeking a professional evaluation as soon as possible to tell whether you really are losing hearing is always best”.

What is involved in hearing loss diagnosis and treatment?

“If you suspect hearing impairment, talk to your doctor about a referral to an audiologist. This specialist performs hearing tests to check for hearing loss. You will probably be asked to listen to sounds in one ear only, pressing a button when you can hear a tone. You will hear a variety of tones from low to high pitches, and at various volumes. This is repeated for your other ear. At Hidden Hearing we carry out initial screening free and with branches and clinics nationwide there are great opportunities to avail of this service.