“But I want a puppy NOW!” Suri Cruise demands for a pooch fall on mum Katie’s deaf ears

SURI Cruise’s best attempt at doing puppy dog eyes failed to convince mother Katie into buying her daughter a new pup.

The mother and daughter pair were out in New York yesterday when they called into a high end pet store looking into the possibility of getting a new puppy.

The sales assistant showed his celebrity customers a French bulldog and a Morkie, however Suri fell in love with the little white and black Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese mix pup.

Despite the six year olds best tactics into forcing her mother into an impulse buy, Katie wouldn’t be swayed and Suri left the store in tears.

The pair had been enjoying the day together up until they visited the pet store – they were seen visiting the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

It was recently claimed Katie has signed Suri up at the Catholic Convent Of The Sacred Heart in New York, as she doesn’t want her daughter involved in father Tom’s Scientology religion.

RadarOnline recently claimed Suri has been keeping in touch her father via Skype: “It’s all part of the divorce settlement that Tom be allowed to video chat with Suri. Likewise, when Suri is with Tom, Katie can video chat with her,” a source told the website.

– Independent.ie reporters:

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