‘Kiss of deaf’: A kiss on the ear may permanently impair hearing

A kiss on the ear can be dangerous to your hearing. An innocent gesture can quite literally be ‘the kiss of deaf’. Research shows that a kiss on the ear can cause permanent hearing loss. When we want to show affection or gratitude to friends or family, we often do it with a kiss on the ear. But even though this kiss can have good intentions, it can end with permanent hearing impairment.

An innocent kiss on the ear opening can create a strong suction that tugs on the delicate eardrum. This intense suction on the eardrum pulls the chain of three tiny bones in the ear. With this ‘kiss of deaf’, the stapes can tug on the tissue that connects the stapes to the oval window of the inner ear. This causes turbulence in the fluid of the cochlea, or inner ear, and can lead to hearing loss.

If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing

Source: http://www.hear-it.org. Read More >

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