How can you tell if you’re losing your hearing?

We spoke to Dolores Madden Marketing Manager for Hidden Hearing on what are the the signs of hearing loss that are easily recognised. If you’re not sure whether you need a hearing test, consider some of these signs that you might have noticed:

* Do you have difficulty following conversations in large groups? Small ones? Even one-on-one?

* Do you find yourself saying, “What?” or “Pardon?” several times before just nodding and smiling to avoid embarrassment?

* Do people around you seem to mumble more than they used to?

* Do you notice particular trouble hearing in noisy situations like crowds, restaurants, or malls?

* Are you surprised when people say there is background music in stores and restaurants?

* Do you have trouble hearing high-pitched voices, such as those of children and women, or low-pitched voices?

* Do you need to turn your TV or radio up to a volume that other people complain about in order to understand?

* Have you found that you can’t hear crickets, birds, alarms, or other high-pitched noises that others around you can?

* Are you sleeping through your alarm clock or emergency alarms because you just don’t hear them?

Dolores explains that “These are just a few recognizable signs of a potential hearing loss. It may only be a mild hearing loss, but seeking a professional evaluation as soon as possible to tell whether you really are losing hearing is always best”.

What is involved in hearing loss diagnosis and treatment?

“If you suspect hearing impairment, talk to your doctor about a referral to an audiologist. This specialist performs hearing tests to check for hearing loss. You will probably be asked to listen to sounds in one ear only, pressing a button when you can hear a tone. You will hear a variety of tones from low to high pitches, and at various volumes. This is repeated for your other ear. At Hidden Hearing we carry out initial screening free and with branches and clinics nationwide there are great opportunities to avail of this service.

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