Is there anything worse than noisy neighbours?

Madonna reportedly upset neighbours with the “music and shouting” emanating from her garden party.
The 53-year-old singer put on a spectacular show in Hyde Park, London Tuesday.
At her home in Mayfair, Madonna threw an after party with good friends Stella McCartney and George Michael along with other merrymakers.
Neighbours were incensed at the noise level after midnight and were compelled to phone authorities.
“When officers arrived, they could clearly hear music and shouting,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.
“In their opinion it was unreasonable on a weekday evening so they served a noise abatement notice on the owner of the house.
“As soon as the notice was received, the volume was turned down and there were no further complaints.”
According to an unidentified neighbour, Madonna’s party didn’t end until many residents were knocked out of sleep by the ruckus.
“It went on until quarter past two. It was all out in the garden – it woke me up,” the insider recalled. “She is a pain.”
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Derek Mooney is on a search for heroes from the deaf community.

The RTE broadcaster says too many celebrities get awards for no reason when there are hidden heroes everywhere.

He is supporting Hidden Hearing, in partnership with the Irish Deaf Society, which wants nominations for people with hearing impairments for the 2012 Heroes Awards.

“Recognising anyone who does something good in the community is important. So many actors and musicians and politicians get honorary doctorates for doing nothing. These kind of awards mean so much to the unsung heroes,” said Derek.


Speaking at the launch, Hidden Hearing managing director Stephen Leddy said “There are many people in the deaf and hard of hearing communities who are living proof that being deaf or hard of hearing does not have to hold you back in life.”

He described how the awards can bring people who have lost their hearing out of their shell and show them that they can still do great things.

“They are important in recognising people, deaf and hard of hearing, who do fantastic work which normally goes unacknowledged.”

There are nine Award Categories in total this year:

  • ·         Social Contribution Award – recognising contributions to society / communities
  • ·         Workplace Award – an award for someone who has excelled in the workplace
  • ·         Youth Award – for those aged between 6 – 18 who have achieved much in their young lives
  • ·         Grandparent Award – nominations for a special grandparent
  • ·         Sportsperson Award – recognising outstanding sporting achievement
  • ·         Media Award – for a campaigner who has highlighted topics related to those who are Deaf or hard of hearing
  • ·         Lifetime Achievement Award – for an individual who has played a key role over their lifetime.
  • ·         Student Award – an award for a Deaf / hard of hearing student who has excelled at second or third level education.
  • ·         Organisation Award – for an organisation that works on behalf of or in conjunction with Deaf / hard of hearing communities.


You can enter your nominations by clicking here >