Have you got a noisy job?

We are looking at the top jobs that are bad for your hearing. First up was The Motorcycle Courier then Airport Staff now it’s the turn of Construction and Carpentry.

Construction & Carpentry

Whether outside your window, on your walk to work or anywhere else on the street, you may be painfully familiar with the extreme noise levels of construction sites. Now imagine working there. For the country’s construction workers, these sounds can be particularly hazardous to hearing health. Long periods of exposure to noise over 85dB is considered dangerous to one’s hearing, yet many of the most common construction tools make noise well above this cautionary value. Let’s consider one the noisiest yet most common construction tools: the hammer drill. This ear-shattering tool registers at nearly 115dB. With these dangerous decibels, whether you are performing construction work at home or for pay, make sure to wear the right kind of ear protection.
Carpenters are particularly affected due to a similarly noisy tool set, as the next graphs can attest.

Noise induced hearing loss is only one kind of loss there are many others. If you have or if you know anyone with hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing we can help and initial consultations and hearing screenings are free. Hidden Hearing.

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