Hidden Hearing helps Chernobyl Children’s Trust

Deena Walsh, Director of the Chernobyl Children’s Trust in Cork tells the story of Lydia a special young girl whose life was dramatically altered after visiting Hidden Hearing. Twenty year old Lydia has been coming to Cork since she was twelve years old. This bright Belarus native was profoundly deaf and painfully self conscious having been fitted with analogue aids through the health system. “This was inadequate as it amplified all sounds, including passing lorries,” Deena says. “After we noticed her becoming withdrawn, we contacted Hidden Hearing and Phil Cornwall. She was tested and

Lydia was fitted with new digital hearing aids.

We couldn’t believe how small it was and lydia learned to hear all over again.” Lydia recently returned to Belarus and is studying computer science and living a life she never imagined she would.

“Only 20 per cent of people who could benefit from a hearing device actually wear one”. This shocking statistic reveals that too many people in Ireland are suffering in silence and not caring for their hearing. Christine Allen discovers how one Cork company reaches out to help people recover their hearing

“Having a hearing problem and ignoring it can cause you to strain your hearing, causing further deterioration in the ear, reducing your ability to hear and your quality of life,” says Phil Cornwall, Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing, Marlboro Street.

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s leading provider of assistance and treatment for people with hearing loss.

Without good hearing, people find themselves unable to participate in many things and certainly unable to reach their full potential. Bad hearing can prevent you from communicating well with other people, participating fully in social or business gatherings, enjoying your favourite music or entertainment or even hearing the doorbell or telephone ring.

According to Mr Cornwall, this stress and strain is unnecessary and is linked to other health problems. “People don’t need to suffer in silence, our advice is to take care of your hearing and if people suspect they have a hearing loss to get their hearing checked.” What many people don’t know is that hearing difficulties affect almost one in six people in Ireland. If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing.

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