Our Customers are over 90% Satisfied with us and our service*

Why are our patients so satisfied? Because we give them the attention and professional service they want and deserve!

Our New Dublin Branch in Artane. One of over 60 branches nationwide.

After 27 years of providing audiology and hearing aid services in Ireland, our mission remains the same: to enhance the quality of your life by improving communication between you and your family, friends and others in your community, and working with you to reduce the stress caused by hearing loss. We offer a friendly, comfortable environment for patients to learn about hearing loss and make informed decisions. Our audiologists have 100’s of combined years of experience in the hearing healthcare field and are highly regarded as honest, straightforward and knowledgeable professionals.

See our Customer Reviews and then come see us for your hearing needs!

In a recently completed survey of 500 customers a combined group of over 94% said that they were satisfied with our service with 83% of them saying they were Very Satisfied. 82% would recommend Hidden Hearing and over 90% strongly agreed that we have a friendly and professional service.

*Statistics from a recent survey of 500 customers.

If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing.

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