The Queen wears earplugs at the rock concert

The concert, led by Sir Paul and boasting world class performers such as Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran, was a traditional rock concert, complete with the deafening electric guitar riffs that accompany such a show.

And although the monarch loves listening to music – indeed, it is said she has an iPod stocked with showtunes from the likes of Oklahoma, Cabaret and Hello Dolly – she is usually partial to something with a little less electric guitar.


But as ever, our unflappable, dependable Monarch – William said recently that his grandmother ‘hates to let people down’ – appeared cheerful and engaged throughout the rock concert, despite the fact that Prince Philip was yesterday taken to hospital to receive treatment for a bladder infection.

Wearing a stunning gold gown which she later covered up with a black velvet cape, the Queen, who sat next to Prince Charles and Camilla for the occasion, looked to be thoroughly enjoying the show.

Too loud! The Queen looked to be enjoying the concert, although on closer inspection the Monarch took the precaution of wearing earplugs during the show.

What’s involved in a Hearing Test?

Dr Nina Bynes helps explain the Hearing Test

Sometimes you’ll hear the hearing check up called the ‘hearing test’. At Hidden Hearing we prefer to call it a check-up as a test suggests it’s something you can pass or fail. The objective of the Hearing check-up is for our audiologist to fully understand your needs – to accurately assess your hearing and so identify the best solution for you. The first stage is to take a full history of your hearing. This may be a brief update if you’ve already had your hearing checked by Hidden Hearing. Then we’ll take a close look into your ears using an Otiscope. This is an initial health check for your ears. We have put together a handy video to explain all about the test. Click here to view.

Deaf boy gasps with delight as he hears his mothers voice for the first time

This is the tear-jerking moment a two-year-old deaf boy hears his mother’s voice for the first time. The adorable American child has just been fitted with a hearing aid, and his sheer joy at every sound is beautiful to watch. The youngster, addressed only as Cooper by a woman out of shot, squeals with happiness as he listens to his mother say his name. He throws his arms out, laughing at the noises that surround him, and then stares in wonder as a new aural world opens up before him. With one hand constantly returning to the ear to which the device is fitted, the boy gurgles merrily and taps building blocks together. An incredible 1,800 viewers have ‘liked’ the clip since it was posted on A typical comment reads: ‘I started smiling even before i saw the clip… AMAZING!’ There has been a surge of such clips in recent years as scientists have developed ever more ingenious ways of helping deaf people to hear. Many are given surgically implanted cochlear implants, which provide a sense of sound to people who are deaf or severely hard of hearing and are often referred to as ‘bionic ears’.

Last October, a video of an eight-month-old baby hearing for the first time using the electronic implant went viral, with viewers describing the moment as ‘magical’. Another moving video showed 29-year-old Sarah Churman hearing fully for the first time using the implant. The American woman, who had been wearing hearing aids from the age of two but was only able to hear very quiet noises, was able to talk about it to a fascinated world. One day, perhaps a little later than his peers, Cooper will be able to speak and tell the world what it is like to hear after spending the first two years of your life in silence.

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