Johnny Depp Says Sign Language Mishap Isn’t His Fault

Johnny Depp says sign language mishap not his fault

Actor apparently sign the word “murder” instead of “love” in Paul McCartney’s ‘My Valentine’ video with Natalie Portman.

Johnny Depp had responded to critics of his sign language abilities in Paul Mccartney’s latest video.

The ‘Dark Shadows’ actor appears alongside ‘Black Swan’ actress Natalie Portman on the short called ‘My Valentine’.

However experts slammed the 48-year-old star for misinterpreting key words in the promotional film he did for The Beatles member.

Now Johnny has defended himself saying he was only doing it the way he had been taught, according to The Sun.

He said: “I had to learn sign language and I was only copying what the guy showed me, so track him down.”

Johnny’s cameo may have seriously offended some hard of hearing viewers as he allegedly got a peaceful word mixed up with a violent one.

He continued: “Apparently, instead of ‘love’ I might have said, ‘murder’.”

But Johnny is not too worried about the mishap as he understands the language is subjectively taken.

He added: “But it was a gas – sign language is apparently very interpretive. It’s all kind of different.”

The clip film, in which Natalie and Johnny appear via split screen and sign the lyrics in black-and-white, was first shown at a star-studded gala in Los Angeles.

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