92 year old Cork woman gets FREE test!

Hidden Hearing Offers Free Hearing Test and 20% Hearing Aid Discount to 92 year old Cork woman.

Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s leading provider of hearing healthcare today offered a free hearing test to a 92 year old Cork woman who has been told she will have to wait four years for a HSE assessment.  Hidden Hearing has also committed to offering the woman a 20% discount if she is found to require a hearing aid.  “There is no need for this woman or indeed anyone to be waiting so long for what is a relatively straightforward hearing assessment.  Hidden Hearing has been offering this free service for 25 years and we would be delighted to assist this woman or anyone who feels they need a test.  Our audiologists are fully qualified to the highest international standards and can provide a full report very quickly – at absolutely no obligation.  To have to wait so long for a hearing test is disgraceful”, said Stephen Leddy, Managing Director, Hidden Hearing.

Hidden Hearing provides over 30,000 free full hearing evaluations through its network of 65 branches and clinics nationwide, as well as a further 10,000 free hearing screenings through its mobile clinic which travels to 400 locations around the country annually.

Anyone wishing to avail of a free hearing test through Hidden Hearing should call 1800 370 000 or visit www.hiddenhearing.ie to see where the mobile clinic will be in attendance.

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