“Hard-Of-Hearing” is the proper term for hearing loss… and other revelations

Digital Hearing Solutions from Hidden Hearing

“Hard-of-hearing” is the proper term for hearing loss now – heard from experts who spoke about everythng from new technology to musicians and hearing loss at the Victoria Conference Centre at the recent Healthy Hearing Show.

We also learned that the average onset of hearing loss occurs at age 62 – six years before most people seek help for it.

Participants received basic hearing tests and saw demonstrations of state-of-the-art hearing aids, including a stethoscope-like instrument coupled with a tiny device that connects users to television via Bluetooth.

Hearing loss program assistant Dale Rolston showed off hot pink noise cancelling devices that were a big hit at the opening Royals game they cosponsored.

“Why are hearing aids so expensive?” was the question Oticon audiologist Andrew Towers was asked most often.

“It’s important to realize the sophistication of the technology and how much money goes into research and development,” he said.

“People will say ‘An iPad can do all this but costs so much less.’ I tell them: ‘A lot more people buy iPads.’ ”

Unitron’s Colleen Manuel reminded us hearing aids are “tiny computers” with ever-changing technology that doesn’t come cheap.

“Understanding is knowledge,” she said, adding many people have a difficult time accepting hearing loss.

“It takes seven to 10 years usually before they do something about actually getting a hearing aid.”

If you have any questions about Hearing Loss or Hearing Aids contact Hidden Hearing.

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