Gaybo defends Past Kenny in “Tweet” row!

Gay Byrne and Dr Nina Byrnes and the Launch of Hearing Action Week.

Veteran broadcaster Gay Byrne has defended his one-time rival Pat Kenny over the ‘Tweetgate’ controversy. He said Mr Kenny was not to blame for reading out a bogus tweet on the ‘Frontline’ presidential election debate, claiming he could easily have made the same mistake. “If I had been Pat, I would have assumed that the piece of paper I had been handed had been checked by somebody. I wouldn’t blame Pat for it, nor does anybody else.”

The broadcaster also revealed that he would soon appear on our TV screens wearing a hearing aid. The 78-year-old yesterday said his hearing had deteriorated to such an extent that he was already using a hearing aid — and he plans to use it for all his future TV and radio appearances.

“It won’t affect me on TV or radio in any way,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, there is no shame in wearing a hearing aid. To me it’s the same as wearing glasses if your sight is bad.” The long-serving RTE star put the blame for some of his hearing difficulties on his broadcasting career.

“For 30 years I sat in a radio studio for five mornings a week with music blasting on so it must have had some effect,” he said. “Funny thing was, to hear what was going on, I used to wear one headphone, not two, and years later the ear on which I didn’t listen to music is my good one.”The former ‘Late Late Show’ host revealed he was undergoing hearing tests and encouraged others to do so as part of Hearing Action Week. Mr Byrne is helping to promote the awareness campaign around hearing loss — which he launched yesterday — run by Hidden Hearing in association with the Irish Deaf Society.

Launched as part of Hearing Action Week, two mobile hearing screening clinics from Dublin and Belfast will tour the country throughout the year, visiting more than 400 destinations nationwide and providing over 10,000 free screenings.

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