Hear is a story!

It’s the story many need to hear, but can’t: A new report finds many people over the age of 50 have significant hearing loss, but few do anything about it. It begins with having to turn up the volume on the television or missing words in conversation. On average, people with hearing loss wait about seven years before getting help.

A new Johns Hopkins University report reveals that of the people with significant hearing problems, only about 14 percent use hearing aids, even though most could benefit from them. One reason: people think it makes them look old.

Dolores Madden from Hidden Hearing says the pros outweigh the cons. “The social isolation you may feel. The difficulty at work. The difficulty in crowds. Weigh that against the concerns you have about cosmetics,” said Madden.

Other studies show that not treating hearing loss in the elderly is associated with poor thinking, depression and dementia.

With Hidden Hearing we give clients a money-back guarantee if the hearing aids don’t work for them. So it’s worth a try, says Madden. “Get the information. Hearing evaluations are FREE,” said Madden.

Study authors also point out there’s a misconception that hearing aids work instantaneously. Doctors say it can take months for the brain to adjust to sounds amplified by a hearing aid. So take your time and adjust slowly in the long run it will be well with it. For more information contact Hidden Hearing.

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