Rosemary woke with a bang – and her life changed forever !

It was one morning in 2010 when Rosemary was awoken at 4am by a loud noise. At first she thought it was a lorry, and looked out of the window to find nothing outside.

She soon realised the sound was following her around and couldn’t even hear her own footsteps. When she woke her husband she couldn’t hear him speaking.

Annoyed by what had happened the pair got ready and took the dog for a walk around the quiet streets, until dawn broke.

She visited her GP the next morning and was referred to hospital where tests were carried out. She was astonished to find she suffered from the condition and that there was simply no cure.

Rosemary became anxious and was prescribed sleeping tablets and sedatives for the next six months as the noise was unbearable.

She was tortured, unable to sleep or eat, and lost two stone in weight but the most heartbreaking thing of all she had to give up something she cherished – looking after her grandchild.

At her lowest ebb she felt suicidal, fearing what her life would be like with this continual loud noise ringing in her ears.

She also developed ‘Hyperacusis’, an increased sensitivity to sound, and found even a trip to the supermarket greatly distressing because of the noise.

Rosemary discovered a tinnitus awareness event where she met other people who understood her condition and who had personal experience of getting the tinnitus under control. This gave her hope for the future.

As a result of that meeting she was made aware of ‘sound enrichers’ which can help distract the brain from the tinnitus noise by introducing other soothing sounds.

She also learnt of ways to cope with the tinnitus and to manage the associated anxiety and the noise has dissipated to a degree where she can now cope with it. She still has occasional sleepless nights when the tinnitus is troublesome, but her quality of life is greatly improved.

If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing.

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