Mobile hearing clinic to visit Douglas

As seen in the Cork Independent

A mobile hearing clinic will be available at Douglas Village Shopping Centre today, Thursday 16 February providing hearing screenings free of charge. The state-of-the-art mobile hearing clinic is conducted by leading healthcare specialist Hidden Hearing.

The hearing clinic is a fully-functional modern facility, staffed by highly trained experts and equipped with the latest audiological technology. The mobile clinic features testing equipment which can pinpoint exactly what frequencies a person is missing.

Discussing the mobile clinic service, Hidden Hearing Marketing Manager, Dolores Madden said: “We are delighted to be coming to Douglas with our mobile hearing screening clinic, which helps people to take a proactive approach to their hearing health. A major factor with regard to hearing loss is that those who initially notice a problem with their hearing will often delay taking action, sometimes putting it off for up to 15 years. While we all tend to look after our eyesight, we tend to ignore looking after our hearing. The Hidden Hearing mobile clinic makes it easier than ever for people throughout Ireland to take the first step in tackling their hearing loss. Our research shows that hearing loss which isn’t addressed can impact on people socially and in the workplace.”

State of the art Mobile Clinic

There’s no requirement to book an appointment with the mobile clinic. Anyone can drop in and avail of a convenient consultation free of charge. The Hidden Hearing mobile clinic will be at Douglas Village Shopping Centre from 9.30-4.00pm. Check for details of the mobile clinic.

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