New Bluetooth hearing aids from Panasonic

Panasonic has announced its newest line of hearing aid devices that feature Bluetooth connectivity. For Panasonic, it was past time that it announced a product like this, as Bluetooth is now one of the common features for hearing assistance devices.

Called the R1-W series, the line of receiver-in-canal hearing aids boasts several features, including the capability for you to connect directly to your smartphone or television via an add-on called the “Hearing Hub.” It also allows the recording of voice memos that can be played directly back into the earpieces at high quality. One of the areas where the R1-W really shines is the battery life that it’s reported to get. Panasonic is claiming that the ear pieces can go for 300 hours before needing a fresh set of batteries, which is really quite impressive.

The technology requires that you carry a transmitter on your belt to relay the sound signal to the matching earpieces. If you get out of range of this unit, the earpieces will cease to work. The range for Bluetooth is relatively short, especially for high quality signal transmission. While the R1-W brings convergence for hearing assistance with everyday tasks, it’s definitely late to the party. Competing manufacturers have long since had Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, and have since moved on to working to create waterproof units for individuals that lead active lifestyles. Still, because people of all ages suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids like the R1-W present options to consumers that are savvy when it comes to understanding the technology behind them. Hidden Hearing offers a range of hearing devices including new invisible hearing aids. If you have any questions about hearing loss or hearing aids contact Hidden Hearing.

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