Lenny Abrahamson directs hearing loss advert for Hidden Hearing

‘Christmas is one of the key times when families tend to notice hearing loss’

Hidden Hearing, Ireland’s leading hearing healthcare provider, is launching its first television advertisement over the Christmas period. Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, best known for the award-winning ‘Garage’ and ‘Adam and Paul’ films, the concept focuses on the fact that hearing loss is often noticeable to others but modern hearing aids are not.

Lenny Abrahamson directing the new Hidden Hearing Ad.

Shot in three different Dublin locations, the advert highlights that hearing loss can affect people of varying ages and seeks to dispel the stigma around wearing hearing aids by demonstrating that while people will notice your hearing loss, they don’t tend to notice the modern-day technologically advanced hearing aids.

Dolores Madden, Marketing Manager with Hidden Hearing, who assembled a top quality team for the project, explains the concept behind the advert: “Our main aim with the television advertisement is to bring hearing loss up the national health agenda. People don’t tend to give hearing loss as much priority as loss of vision, with many sufferers ignoring the issue for several years. There is a stigma attached to wearing a hearing aid, with the perception that hearing health is only a priority for the elderly, yet we help people of various ages with issues around their hearing. Also technological advancements have seen hearing aids get significantly smaller so they are no longer noticeable to other people.


To see the 'Making Of" click on the picture above.

“We chose the Christmas period during which to launch the new advert, as social and family events are generally the times that hearing loss can become most apparent to others. People tend to disguise their hearing loss, but it is increasingly obvious to family and friends. We were delighted to work with one of Ireland’s finest Directors, Lenny Abrahamson, who really understood that there is no reason for people to ignore their hearing loss”, said Dolores Madden, Hidden Hearing.

The Hidden Hearing advertisement was produced by Speers Films with McCann Erickson as the advertising agency and will feature on RTE1, TV3, Sky and TG4 from 26th December.

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