Madonna has finally settled noise case.

Madonna has finally settled an ongoing noise dispute with a neighbor that took legal action against the material girl when a resolution about the level of noise could not be reached outside of the courts.

Back in 2009, Karen George took a case against Madonna, saying that she frequently used her New York apartment as rehearsal space causing heavy noise problem in the building.  George claims to have been forced to leave her apartment numerous times because of the “unbearable” noise coming from Madonna’s place.  She went on to say that the singers dance routines and “blaring music, stomping and shaking walls” went on sometimes for up to three hours a day.

George also filed a lawsuit against the management company of the building, claiming that they did not follow up on her complaints.  Madonna did try to keep the noise down, but George claims that the singer’s efforts did not work.


Madonna has always stood by her claim that she kept the noise at a reasonable level and that she never went over the legal limits.  Since then the singer says that she has built a rehearsal space outside of the building and no longer practices at home.

The lawyers representing Madonna have said that the noise dispute has been resolved, but other than that no other details have been released.

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