What are the effective treatments for Tinnitus?

Why Hearing Loss is Associated with Tinnitus

A new publication: The Prevalence of Tinnitus and Efficacy of Treatments (November, 2011 HR) This study was co-authored by Dr. Richard Tyler (University of Iowa) and Jennifer Born (American Tinnitus Association). The key findings are as follows:

Prevalence: Approximately 10% of the population have persistent tinnitus while 50% of people with hearing loss experience tinnitus. We found people who reported they have tinnitus but they were not aware of their hearing loss; it is generally recognized that most people with tinnitus have hearing loss. Thus, the hearing loss population is much larger than previously thought.

Efficacy of treatments: In assessing the efficacy of nine treatments no one method was tried by more than 7% of people with tinnitus. The most effective methods for mitigating tinnitus were (median mitigation): hearing aids (34%), music (30%), and relaxation techniques (10%).

Impact of hearing aids: In directly querying hearing aid users on the impact of their hearing aids on tinnitus 46% reported mild to moderate mitigation of their tinnitus with hearing aids, 3 out of 10 report moderate-substantial relief; 67% of those who use hearing aids and report mitigation of tinnitus indicated that their tinnitus was lessened “most of the time” to “all of the time” and 3 out of 10 reported their tinnitus was completely mitigated while wearing their hearing aid and a small minority (3.4%) even when they took their hearing aid off.

Best practices: hearing healthcare professionals with “best practices” in fitting hearing aids can nearly double the rate of efficacy of hearing aids in mitigating the effects of tinnitus.

 If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends has Tinnitus advise them to see an audiologist. Hidden Hearing offers free advice and consultation without obligation. Contact Hidden Hearing for further information.

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