Man sues Delta for $2 million, says loud flight hurt hearing

Delta Airlines.

An Oregon man who claims he suffered hearing loss because of a loud flight is suing Delta Air Lines for $2 million, The Oregonian newspaper of Portland reports.

Kent J. Neilson’s suit was filed Friday in Oregon’s Multnomah County Circuit Court. In the suit, he says he suffered “extreme discomfort” during a four-hour fight from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Portland because of an unusually loud noise in the cabin.

The Oregonian writes “the complaint describes Neilson only as an Oregon man” and “alleges that the noise during the April 28, 2010 flight was loudest in the area around his exit row seat, 10B.”

As a result, Neilson claims he suffered partial-but-permanent hearing loss in both ears. He adds he also suffers “disabling and severely aggravating” tinnitus in both ears because of the flight.

In the suit, Neilson says that despite his complaints, flight attendants did not offer him ear plugs or request an unscheduled early landing because of the noise.

Neilson also claims that toward the end of his flight, a Delta attendant acknowledged other passengers had complained about the noise on a previous flight.

Delta spokesman Trebor Banstetter tells Today in the Sky the airline cannot comment on pending litigation.

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