What type of wireless technology is available in hearing aids today?

Wireless technology allows two hearing aids to operate together as one complete system, instead of acting as two independent devices. The sound input to both hearing aids is shared, and decisions about the digital sound processing are based on the combined information. Sound processing is then adjusted according to this shared decision. Wireless hearing aid technology offers many benefits to wearers, including:

  • Improved convenience: When a user pushes a program button or changes the volume control on one hearing device, the change is automatically implemented on the other side.
  • Separation of controls: In addition, it is possible to physically separate the controls on the hearing aids (for example, a program button on one side and a volume control on the other side), eliminating the need to operate controls on both instruments for each change necessary. In other words, a wearer experiences less “fiddling” with instruments and more confidence because both instruments have the necessary settings for optimal hearing at all times – automatically.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Wireless technology has allowed for hearing aids to be connected to other audio devices, such as televisions and cell phones, through Bluetooth.  This advancement has proven beneficial to many hearing aid wearers who need to access other communication avenues for their workplace or leisure activities.
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