I have a new lease of life thanks to hearing aids

The Get hearing aid can correct mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Ever since I lost hearing I was frustrated and very gloomy, never knew how to curb this huge problem, my doctor suggested me to use a hearing aid and the very next day i had one hearing aid for myself, this analogue hearing aid was a great relief although it posed some problems but something is always better than nothing.

It wasn’t until this Christmas, when Susie, my lovely friend gifted me with a Digital hearing aidthat I knew how clear sounds could be to ears that have long forgotten the art of hearing, she gifted it to me with a note that read that music would be more melodious, birds would chirp in my ear and life would be beautiful this Christmas.

I quickly opened the gift wrap to find a hearing aid inside it, it was songbird hearing aids, that are so well known for their quality.

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I had heard a lot about digital hearing aids but never used them; his was going to be my first experience, i quickly went through the user manual and started using the aid, the sophisticated tuning and mechanism was not my piece of cake at all, i had severe problems using this hearing aid, couldn’t hear well, sometimes the sound was too loud and so finally decided to get back to my old hearing aid.

But I also started going through the manual well again, also referred the internet to know how songbird hearing aids work, especially what is special about digital hearing aids and it here that i learnt that why are they so good and what my mistake was, I went to a professional and consulted him he tuned my hearing aid as per my requirement and then I wore it again this time the sound was more clearer I could also make out acute differences that earlier I never thought even existed.

Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution compared to behind-the-ear hearing solutions with binaural processing and streaming capabilities.

Digital hearing aids use computer technology to tune them according to our ears requirement, it has filters unlike our normal analogue and the noise that was very prevalent in analogue hearing aid was filtered here than the amplifier is also pretty effective so that the final sound that reaches the ear is not just noise free and clear but even the minute details reach the ear.

If you have any questions about hearing aids contact Hidden Hearing.

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