Deaf and Hard of Hearing ‘Heroes’ Recognised with Awards


Gay Byrne with Heroes Award Winners.

Broadcaster Gay Byrne presented Ireland’s first ‘Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards’ in association with the Irish Deaf Society, which highlight the achievements of those who are deaf or hard of hearing.




The awards were presented to those who are deaf or hard of hearing and have made a significant contribution to society, their community, workplace, family or through sporting excellence. The Awards event is a joint initiative between Hidden Hearing and the Irish Deaf Society


Pictured here Gay Byrne are the winners (L-R)



Sportsperson Award – Wayne Reid (Westmeath); Grandparent Award – Aidan L Dillon (Dublin); Social Contribution Award – John P Doyle (Dublin); Lifetime Achievement Award – Con Lynch (Cork); Gay Byrne; Workplace Award – Johnny Corcoran (Dublin);  Supporter Award – Carol Dunworth (Limerick); Media Award – John Bosco Conama (Dublin);  Youth Award – Sean O Connor (Cork) (twelve years old)

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