A hearing aid that proves good things come in small packagess

Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution compared to behind-the-ear hearing solutions with binaural processing and streaming capabilities.

What’s sleek and super tiny, comes in 13 cool colors and helps you hear effortlessly in background noise? The answer is the Oticon Intiga hearing aid.

Perfect for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, theOticon Intiga hearing aid is a receiver-in-the-ear style (RITE). It provides clear and natural sound and works with your brain to eliminate the stress and strain that comes from struggling to hear. And it’s so small and comfortable; you won’t even know you’re wearing it.

Its advanced Speech Guard and Spatial Sound technologies make it much easier to hear in noisy environments so you won’t get distracted from the conversation you want to focus on. And you can put it on and forget about it since the Intiga will adjust to different listening situations all by itself. And perhaps best of all, it is compatible with the Oticon ConnectLine accessories that can turn your Intiga hearing aids into a wireless headset. You can connect wirelessly to your cell phone landline phone, television and more.

Almost impossible to see!

And if you think you could never get used to wearing a hearing aid, consider this. Researchers at Towson University in Baltimore, MD and Hörzentrum in Oldenburg, Germany recently conducted a study of first-time hearing aid users that showed that participants immediately accepted the tiny hearing device. Imagine. You could experience the same results! The Oticon Intiga hearing aid may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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