Technology creates a new listening experience

Modern devices are powerful and fit in with your lifestyle

Oticon’s ConnectLine is the most complete and easiest to use

connectivity experience available. It puts the pleasure back into watching television, listening to music, talking on mobile and landline telephones and computer interaction activities.

Designed as an integrated system that includes a TV adaptor and landline telephone adapter and transforms your hearing instruments into a hands-free handset.

ConnectLine TV.

Attractive and unobtrusive, the adapter connects easily to the audio output of any TV and runs on its own power supply. There’s now every reason to enjoy watching television without experiencing reverberation or being excluded from conversation. You control your own volume without affecting others in the room.

ConnectLine Phone.

Turn your landline telephone into a cordless Bluetooth telephone. All it takes is a small adapter to completely enhance listening and talking on your telephone. The adapter sends your telephone’s signal wirelessly to the Streamer and can transmit to a distance of 9 metros (30 feet). It offers an unsurpassed hands-free hearing experience and you can answer a call simply by pressing a button on your streamer.

ConnectLine Mobile.

Adapting your mobile telephone is easy. Because the Streamer operates with Bluetooth, all you have to do is pair it with your mobile telephone. Once that’s done, you can answer you’re free to answer calls anywhere, with the caller’s voice streamed directly into your instruments.

Other devices.

ConnectLine’s Bluetooth compatibility allows it to be used with radios and computers. And as the Streamer has a mini jack port it supports MP3 players.

If you have any questions about anything to do with hearing loss or hearing aid technology contact Hidden Hearing

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