Miley Cyrus helps out in Haiti with free hearing aids.

Miley Cyrus giving back by helping out in Haiti

Miley Cyrus is keen to help others, which is great to see in a young starlet as most of them are too caught up in being famous to think of others in need.

Miley  looked totally normal and sweet posing with children in Haiti after she gave out hearing aids to the deaf and hard of hearing. This is the teen superstar’s second trip to the poverty striken nation.

On her trip to Haiti, Miley Cyrus opened a school and helped the Starkey Hearing Foundation to distribute over 400 hearing aids to those who were deaf or hearing impaired.

At one point during the trip, a laid back looking Miley, posed with local kids with the slogan “So the world may hear” behind her. It’s not clear if it is a promotional shot or not, but either way she looked adorable with her hair pulled back and a T-shirt on.

Many of the kids in Haiti may have never heard of Miley Cyrus, which might feel nice for someone who is constantly recognized and photographed wherever she goes. It’s a little bit of respite for Miley and a lot of help for the people of Haiti!

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