Loud music with MP3’s can Cause hearing loss

Hearing loss is an increasing factor in the state of the national health

Nearly 1 in 5 adolescents have some level of hearing loss, a rate that has climbed substantially over the past two decades.

Hearing loss has become the 3rd most common health problem in the nation.

Audiologists say people who listen to constant loud music through their i-pods and mp3s for about 5 minutes a day can put themselves at risk for permanent hearing loss.

Thousands suffer from some kind of hearing loss, and only a quarter of those people recognize they have a problem and seek treatment.


October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, an annual day set aside by the American Academy of Audiology, to increase public awareness of audiology and the importance of hearing protection.

Hearing loss has quietly become 3rd most common health problem in the US. According to industry estimates, 36 million Americans suffer from some kind of hearing loss, but less than one-fourth are doing anything about it. 35 million adds up to more than all those suffering from heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, blindness, tuberculosis, venereal disease & kidney disease combined.

79% have difficulty hearing or know someone who has difficulty hearing.

More than 4 out of every 10 people were unaware that just 5 minutes of exposure a day to listening to music on an iPod at full volume can put them at risk of permanent hearing loss.

83% of respondents between the ages of 21-45 have been home for the holidays and found an older family member or friend blasting the volume on their TV.

If you have any questions about hearing loss contact Hidden Hearing.

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