“Awesome technology packed into a tiny hearing aid”

The Get hearing aid can correct mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss.

The “Get” hearing aid from Oticon is designed to offer comfort and high functionality to facilitate speech intelligibility. Described by the company as an “entry-level” device, the hearing aid is built on the firm’s RISE processing platform. The product line offers modulation-based noise reduction, in situ audiometry, and is available in a variety of designs and colors. Custom versions of the hearing aid also are provided.

The behind-the-ear versions of the devices are protected by a water-repellant nano-coating to improve durability. The hearing aids are offered with the firm’s proprietary “open ear acoustics” to reduce feedback and distortion of the wearer’s own voice resulting from the occlusion effect. The Get line can correct mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss.

What Oticon say:

Get is Oticon’s most economical entry level solution, designed for the patient where cost consideration is essential. With Get you can experience fundamental technology benefits: audibility with open ear acoustics, directionality, and comfort in noisy environments. Oticon Get is a basic hearing care solution to boost everyday audibility.

Get Going with Easy Economical
Hearing Care
Oticon Get provides fitting flexibility for both now and the future. Get is a complete product family including custom, Corda thin tube and BTE models with power options available. Styles accommodate hearing losses in the mild through the severe to profound range. Oticon Get is exceptionally easy to fit with our intuitive programming software.

Oticon Get is remarkably easy to fit:

+  A range of instrument styles
+  Accommodates mild to severe-to-profound hearing losses
+  Open Ear Acoustics
+  Four fitting range options
+  Flexible in-situ audiometry option
+  Directionality

If you have any questions about hearing loss or hearing aids contact Hidden Hearing.

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